100% Guarantee

"Zabel Monuments, LLC will certify that the granite memorial you have purchased and erected in the cemetery is guaranteed to be select granite finished by master craftsmen, following the best practices of their trade.

It is further warranted that this granite memorial will resist any weather conditions, and that it will not discolor, crack or disintegrate due to exposure to the natural elements.

Zabel Monuments, LLC will replace at any time hereafter, free of all expense to the purchaser any or all parts of the memorial as originally furnished, which have become defective because of discoloring, cracking or disintegration due to exposure to the natural elements."

I can’t thank you enough for taking the stone out on Aug. 19th. It meant so much to me. The entire family, went to the cemetery that Friday night to see the bench. The kids thought it was perfect.

- Denise Mecha