Frequently Asked Questions

  • QCan we purchase a memorial while we are living? Does it go into the cemetery?
    AIt is always a good idea to pre-plan your memorial. By doing so, all of your thoughts and wishes can be conveyed. It also takes the burden off of your survivors wondering what you would have wanted. The consultation is often more light hearted also. Upon the purchase, the memorial is engraved and placed into the cemetery or location of your choosing. When a death occurs, we go out to the memorial and engrave the date on site.
  • QWhen should I purchase a memorial after a death has occurred?
    AOnly you will know when it is time to stop in and talk to us. Some families choose to come in just a short time after while others take a year or two to finally feel they are emotionally ready to discuss this purchase.
  • QDoes my cemetery have specific restrictions regarding the memorial?
    AAbout half of the cemeteries that we service have restrictions regarding the size of memorial that is installed. It is best to discuss this with the cemetery manager before you buy the property. We hear quite often, “I didn’t know I could not have a bigger stone. Why didn’t someone tell me about that?” Even though we might have restrictions to work within, rest assured we can still design a special individualized memorial.
  • QDo I need a marker if the deceased is not going to a cemetery?
    AYes, survivors still should have somewhere tangible to go and reflect. There are many creative options available. Consider placing a memorial bench in your backyard, a city park or the favorite golf course. Another option is planting a tree in memory of the person and placing a memorial rock by the bottom of the tree.
  • QHow are monuments made?
  • QHow long will it take to complete my memorial?
    AThis depends on a lot of things. If you select a piece that we have in stock, the normal delivery time is about 3 weeks. If we have to special order the granite, it could take 2-3 months for us to receive it from the quarry. We then have to do the engraving and schedule the delivery.
  • QIf I order a monument I found on-line, will you set it for us?
    ANo and there are two key reasons why. First, in order for us to take on the risk we would have to charge a fee for this and once you add that to the price you purchased on-line our retail price is almost always lower. Second, our insurance will not cover a monument that was not purchased from us so if it would come in damaged or is damaged during transit you are taking on all the risk.

I can’t thank you enough for taking the stone out on Aug. 19th. It meant so much to me. The entire family, went to the cemetery that Friday night to see the bench. The kids thought it was perfect.

- Denise Mecha